Laxsjöns FVO

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Address: Billingsfors

Laxsjön - rich in fish with many possibilities! Few waters can compete with Laxsjön with regard to fish population. Especially when it comes to Pike and Perch, Laxsjön has topped most papers’ record charts.

Laxsjön is also home to an old strain of Trout. A number of massive Trouts between three and six kilograms are caught annually. Stenebyälven, with its outflow on the west side of the lake, has always played an important role as a playground for the Trout population. The conservation area also includes lake Långbrohöljen, located downstream, with the beautiful Långbro stream running between.

Fishing rules
* Fishing licenses are not transferable.
* Maximum number of trout per day: 3
* Minimum size trout: 40 cm
* Trout in Laxsjön is protected from 1/10 to 31/12
* Pressure fishing is prohibited, as well as stalls fishing.
* Cultivated land may not be entered, nor fenced land or other enclosed areas, i.e. industrial.
* Fishing supervisors carry an identifiable badge and fishers are obligated to present fishing licenses, ID, fishing gear, bags and catch at their request. Fishing rules apply by law and violations will be prosecuted.
* Children under 16 fish for free, in accordance with terms and conditions.

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