Fishing licenses Trollforsen Pite

Address: Storgatan 25, 94231 Älvsbyn Show map

Address: Storgatan 25, 94231 Älvsbyn

Here you are offered a great variety of fishing on a beautiful stretch of rapids about 9 km. Pite River is known for its fine grayling fishing, which catches over two kilograms recorded, along with good fishing for trout, whitefish, pike and perch. You choose if you want to fish with spinning or fly rod. for more information of the area.

Trollforsen is also known as Pite gem. The flowing route included in the fisheries area in about 9 km long, between the power line up at Hökselet and "Combination Bridge" (where the Inland Railway crossing Pite).

For the area to a "window jack" (35-45 cm) of grayling and trout, as well as a catch quota of 1 grayling or trout per fisherman per day. All to a greater number of fish should reach a size which makes them ripe for play. The area is located in the large boulders terrain and water levels can change quickly, which can make it difficult to wade.

Only 10 fishing license/day (24 hour period) are sold in the area. Fishing permit is valid 24-hour period (12:00 to 12:00 the next day). Fishing licenses are sold only during the period 10 June until 14 September by 2014.

The nature around Trollforsen is magnificent and offers good opportunities for outdoor recreation in the wilderness with hiking trails, picnic areas, shelters and resting cabins.

Upon purchase, you get a booking confirmation, please print it as it applies to your license. Fishing license is always to be carried in fisheries and upon request, along with identification. Map available for printing under External Links.

Youth under 16 can fish for free when accompanied by parent or guardian fishing license.

General rules Trollforsen

Fishing licenses are sold only during the period 10 June until 14 September by 2015th

Only 10 fishing license/day (24 hour period) are sold in the area. The cards are valid from noon 12:00 the current day to noon 12:00 the following day.

The fishing permit is personal.

Own children under 16 may fish when accompanied by guardian's license.

The fishing permit must be carried while fishing and be visible.

Fishing permit is valid one rod per angler brought by hand, with a maximum of three hooks.

Fishing with spinning, reel and fly is allowed.

Fishing from boat is prohibited.

Angling with bait (eg. Worms or maggots) are prohibited.

Window Outlet: Grayling, 35-45 cm. Trout, 35-45 cm. The length is measured from the tip of the nose to the tail fin.

It is permitted to kill and keep 1 grayling or trout per angler per day within the range of length 35-45 cm (windows sockets) during the period 10 / 6-31 / 8th During the period 1 / 9-14 / 9, only one grayling in the length range 35-45 cm killed and retained.

Grayling or trout, which are shorter than 35 cm or longer than 45 cm, must immediately be released.

What other provisions of the current fisheries legislation applies in addition to these rules.

It's every angler's responsibility to know the rules that apply.

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