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Hiking in the Wilderness

Address: Lingonvägen 16, 735 37 Surahammar Show map

Address: Lingonvägen 16, 735 37 Surahammar

With an experienced guide by our side, we leisurely walk off into one of Sveaskog’s Eco-parks. Here you will be exposed to various leafy grounds with aspen and spruce, lichen covered spruce forest or a hilly typography with a variety of interesting forest surroundings. During the hike we stand a good chance to meet the king of the forest, our majestic elk on its own grounds. Throughout the water systems, we will find both beaver and freshwater pearl mussel.

The price includes: Guided tour and information about the area we walk in.

What to bring: your own lunch package for the day, clothing suitable for the activity as well as a change of clothes, your camera, binoculars and a water bottle.

Prerequisites: Good general condition

Further information: We hike with a light pack into any of Sveaskogs new Ecoparks, or we may choose to hike in Fårmansbo primeval forest. Regardless of where we walk, your experience will be unique and informative. In the forests of Bergslagen you are offered great opportunities to enjoy the magnificent views, magical environments and a rich animal and bird life.

All transfers start at Surahammar, easily accessed by train.

Activity: Hiking in Färna Ecopark, Ecopark Malingsbo or Fårmansbo forest
Season: All year
Duration: 4-6 hours
Participants: 2-12 persons, minimum age 12 years

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