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Hiking with wolves

Address: Lingonvägen 16, 735 37 Surahammar Show map

Address: Lingonvägen 16, 735 37 Surahammar

The thrill gets very tangible as we walk into wolf territory, today home 5-7 wolves. The fresh tracks make it even more exciting! We know they are in the vicinity and you can be certain they watch every move we make. Being in wolf territory is all about suspense and spicing up your life. The mere thought of having a wolf pack circling around you will leave an imprint you will never forget.

We start out with a gourmet lunch at Udden Guesthouse. Then we move on to wolf territory, where we make ourselves comfortable in the wolf-hide. You will now get in-depth information about the wolves and their Utterberg home range. After a short night hike you will enjoy a good dinner while you keep watch over the marsh landscape outside. Next day after breakfast, we set out on a long hike in the territory.

Included: Local transportation, lunch, dinner, breakfast, guided walk in wolf territory. The hide is equipped with sleeping bags, sleeping mats and torches.

Accommodation: Overnight in a wolf hide, with windows and opportunities for good pictures in all directions. A kerosene heater keeps you warm. The hide is strategically located in the wolves’ home range.

Prerequisites: Good physical condition.

Other info: Wildlife tracking is also an essential part of the hikes.

Other animals in the area: Ural owl, Tengmalm owl, Eurasian pygmy owl, elk, deer, fox.

Equipment: Bring warm wear and a change of clothes, mobile phone, camera, binoculars and water bottle.

Activity: Wolf Safari
Season: week 2-50
Duration: about 24 hours
Participants: 2-4 people

All transfers start at Surahammar, easily accessible by train.

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