Gift Card for white-water rafting in Piteälven

Address: Presentkort Inaturs utbud

Address: Presentkort Inaturs utbud

With an experienced guide by our side, we leisurely walk off into one of Sveaskog’s Eco-parks.
Here we are greeted with colourful scenery and wildlife.

Give this unforgettable experience to a colleague, to a friend, a family member or a loved one. A gift card gives the recipient the opportunity to choose freely from all bookable activities presented at Inatur. Remember not to enter the recipient’s email address if you want it to be a surprise.

The gift card is valid one year from the date of purchase.

If the recipient should choose an activity of a higher value than the gift card is for, the balance can just be added.

Once the purchase is confirmed, the gift card will be sent to the relevant address on the following working day.

Activities can easily be booked and paid for with the gift card online.

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