Rafting in Tångböleströmmarna

Date: Tuesday 19 jun 2018 - Monday 20 Aug 2018

Moderate rafting in Tångböleströmmarna

Nice whitewater rafting in scenic Indalsälven. We paddle class II to III rapids and go ashore for coffee, tea, juice and homemade sandwiches.

This is a beautiful ride starting at Ånnsjön and overlooking the mountains of Jämtland. The tour runs between Ann and Tångböle, 30 km west of Åre. The section consists of three rapids in a natural setting. This tour will give you a taste for more rafting, the last rapid is the biggest and offers many great rafting moments. Time permitting, we will make a break to swim and surf.

This is a great opportunity to be introduced to rafting and a good outing for the entire family. Age limit 10 years.

Bring trainers, wool socks, shorts, swimwear, fleece sweater and rain jacket.

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