Riverboarding in Ristafallet

Date: Thursday 21 jun 2018 - Sunday 19 Aug 2018

Try Riverboarding in Åre.
There is no tougher activity in the Åre valley.
The most beautiful waterfalls make a stunning backdrop. The fact that the river temperature often exceeds 20°C makes things even better.

We warm up with some casual swimming below Ristafallet, but after that things soon get tougher. We swim downstream the rapid only to stop behind rocks and there feel the sheer force and power of the water. We swim on both sides of the island dividing the waterfall, we surf, jump off the cliffs and go behind one or both of the waterfalls. The mere experience of walking behind a powerful waterfall makes the whole thing worth while.

This tour is for those who really love water sports and enjoy outdoor activities. It is physically demanding.

Wetsuits, shoes, life jackets, fins, riverboard and lunch included.
Pick up 10 am at Hyrskidan in Undersåker, or by appointment.
Total time about 4 hours. Age limit 16 years.

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