Whitewater rafting in Åre

Address: Hosbacken 7, 830 10 Undersåker Date: Saturday 22 jun 2019 - Monday 12 Aug 2019 Show map

Address: Hosbacken 7, 830 10 Undersåker

Åre offers world class whitewater rafting and thanks to the diverse range of tour options, there is something for everyone. If you are looking for an adrenaline-stuffed ride, you will choose the one in Vålån and raft down wild waterfalls! Tångböleströmmarna is a more rookie-friendly experience.

Rafting in Tångböleströmmarna
This is a suitable ride to start with if you are a beginner. The tour runs between Ånn and Tångböle 30 km west of Åre. The section covers three streams, the last of which is the toughest and 3 km long. We will also offer you to swim and surf the whitewaters, provided conditions are favourable. After the second stream we go ashore to have some coffee and sandwiches.
Whitewater class I - III
Total time approximately 5 hours return trip from Åre
Age limit 10 years.

Rafting in Vålån
This tour starts in Vålådalen, 40 km from Åre. After warming up in calm waters, we set out for the first steep Class IV rapid. We will prepare lunch on an open fire at Ingeborgsfallet. Then we run down the fall one boat at a time while the others watch or take photos. During the course of the day, we will pass several steep technical passages. We will also be surfing and jumping into the river from high cliffs under a waterfall.

Whitewater class I - IV.
Total time about 6,5 hours.
Age limit 16 - 18 years depending on the class.

Rafting in Gevsjöströmmarna
A tough section of whitewaters in Sweden's steepest rideable whitewaters. The tour starts at Gevsjön, 25 km west of Åre. We will ride a number of steep and exciting streams and surfing on our way to Storfallet, where we will make a break for lunch in the open. After lunch and some swimming, we go down Storfallet. This is the highlight of the day, and the tour, with its 6 meter drop. It is followed by a 2 km stream that will culminate in a steep passage guaranteed to soak the riders.
Whitewater class I - IV.
Total time about 6.5 hours.
Age limit 18 years.

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