Crane Safari in Svartådalen

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås Show map

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås

A magnificent experience with Birdsafari Sweden!
Since the late 80s, the number of common cranes gathering in Svartådalen in the autumn has increased. Nowadays, 1000-1500 cranes can be seen during the high season that runs from late August to mid-October.

The cranes gather in Svartådalen in the autumn. During daytime, the large flocks can be seen pasturing the valley's agricultural landscape.

We will be looking for colour ringed cranes, whilst explaining their exciting lives and their long distance travels between Spain and Sweden. In the evening the many hundred-headed flocks will fly over our heads, loudly trumpeting their way onto the lake to rest for the night. Not only a magnificent nature experience, but also very accessible. When darkness falls, we will linger by the dying flames of the fire accompanied by the cries from the cranes. The highlight of the evening!

When? What? For whom?
You will experience the largest amounts of cranes in Svartådalen from August 25 to September 25. A crane safari normally starts at 3pm and ends around 9pm, but can be customized to your requirements. We usually move around in vehicles and will only make short, not very challenging walks. This is for those who are generally interested in nature or with a special interest. No prior knowledge is required.

Where are we?
We will be moving around in Svartådalen’s open agricultural landscape.

What animals are there?
We often see elks on crane safaris. Fox and deer during daytime.

What birds are there?
White-tailed Eagle and many other birds of prey are common sightings in Svartådalen during the autumn migration. Northerners as hen harrier, rough-legged buzzard, merlin, peregrine falcon or lingering nesters, common buzzard, Eurasian hobby, western marsh harrier, northern goshawk and Eurasian sparrow hawks are often spotted.

Common crane guarantee:
If the cranes for some reason do not show (usually due to extremely bad weather), we will offer a new chance to see cranes in Svartådalen for free.

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