Canoe safari

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås Show map

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås

Paddle the waterways of Svartån! Experience the light, open spaces and the calm waters. Birdsafari's experienced guides will take you for a canoe trip in the world of the sea eagle, osprey and black terns whilst explaining the landscape you are passing by.

We paddle past open meadows and the water expanses of the great lakes. Here you will behold the impressive sea eagle’s giant nest at a respectful distance - maybe there are nestlings at home.
In Svartådalen people have dwelled for thousands of years - we also visit some of the area's most mythical historical remains from the Viking era.
We land on beautiful flat rocks, where we angle, taste local delicacies and cook over an open fire while we enjoy the views, birds and wildlife.

What? For whom?
Full day tours depart mornings or afternoons. The tour takes about 6-8 hours including transportation, slow-pace walking and entails no worse hardships than regular canoeing.
This tour does not focus on the species, but embraces nature and the wilderness experience itself.
For those generally interested in nature.
No prior knowledge required.

We paddle from Fläcksjön to Hällsjön in Svartådalen. During the excursion, we go ashore on a nice flat rock where there are opportunities for swimming, fishing and relaxation.

What animals are there?
We are moving in beaver waters, but they are still few in numbers, so encounters are rare. On request, we take a detour to visit the beaver hut. Even the otter has returned to Svartådalen.
Elk and red deer can be seen grazing on the shores by the lakes. Water snake, mink, several species of bats can also be seen. The fishery is dominated by pike and perch, but also tench and bream.

What birds are there?
Both sea eagle and osprey are fishing here. Buzzard, honey buzzard, hobby and marsh harrier are other birds of prey that are frequently seen from the canoeing trail. Water rail, bittern and black tern are other specialties on the lakes. The deciduous forest along the river harbour blue ground dove, woodpeckers and numerous passerines. Shore birds like sandpipers, snipe, woodcock and many species of dabbling ducks, such as shoveler and teal are frequently seen.

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