Owl Safari

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås Show map

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås

Meet the Ural Owl in its nest!
We give you the chance to meet the big Ural owls (Strix uralensis) up close and in full daylight.

Have you been fascinated by owls and their mysterious, nocturnal life? We give you the chance to see the magnificent Ural owls (Strix uralensis) up close and in full daylight.

We will let you follow the ringers working with research and follow-up studies of the owls and see how they carry out the work. They will be ringing the adult females that still brood their litters and the chicks that are large enough. Here is your chance to feel how soft and downy an owl chick is. But the Ural owl also demands respect.
As its reputation implies, it is best to stay away from its nest as the Ural owl will attack if it feels threatened. The experienced ringers never work without protective gear and helmet.
At sunset we will move to a different location, where the chance to spot the majestic Grey Owl (Sweden's second largest owl) hunting across a meadow in the woods, is most likely. Finally, we will look for the smallest of the owl family - Eurasian pygmy owl - before we gather by the fire and prepare dinner over the open fire to contemplate the day's experiences.

When? What? For whom?
The Ural owls are ringed around April 15-May 15 with yearly variations. Transportation is by bus and on foot, limited distances. This is for those who are generally interested in nature, have a special interest or for the devoted photographer / filmmaker. No prior knowledge is required, however.

Where are we?
We are moving around in Svartådalen in northeastern Västmanland and the northern parts of Sala district towards Lower Dalälven.

What birds are there?
On Ural owl safaris we focus entirely on owls, which is a must. After completing the task, we can take a breather and relax over a tasty lunch. Then we may approach other birds on request. The tawny owl, Eurasian pygmy owl and sometimes even the Tengmalm’s owl may be part of the sightings.

Owl guarantee:
If we must cancel (only due to extremely bad weather), we offer a new chance to participate in an Owl safari for free.

· April 15-May 15
· A minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 people at a time. Children under 10 years participate at half price.
· This includes: safari guide, transportation, lunch, hearty breakfast, morning coffee (hot soup during the cold season), sit mat, warm blankets, binoculars and 1 night at the B & B.
· Bring yourself: water bottle, boots / shoes, backpack, warm sweater and jacket for the evening, long underwear, insect repellent.

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