Black grouse in Svartådalen

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås Show map

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås

Experience one of the world's classic bird dramas at close range from a comfortable, warm and spacious hide for four people.

As the sun sets, we walk out on the morass towards the comfortable hut. Here, the “Black grouse hut” is taken a step further. A warm, spacious and comfortable hut was built in prime position to view and listen to the Grouse lekking. The atmospheric evening bird concert offers blackbirds and robins singing and some of the male Black grouse bubbling in the distance.

You will be sleeping to the sounds of nature this short spring night. Maybe you will fall asleep to the sound of a Tengmalm’s owl and awakened by the Common crane’s reveille. Before sunrise you will hear the sound of the Black grouse lekking only 25 meters away. From the photo openings and windows you will enjoy one of the Nordic classic bird performances up close - Black grouse lekking.

The Grouse measures 6 by 3 meters and is equipped with 4 beds, long drop toilet and a kerosene stove. Four photo openings and windows from corner to corner ensure that you have excellent views of the lekking and the mire. On this morass in the deep Västmanland forest, there are 5-10 Black grouses daily. During the “hen week" activity is at its loudest and you will see the hens sneaking around among the cooing, shiny black cocks. Enjoy first-class photo opportunities from very close range. The Black grouse lekking usually occurs between 20 and 30 meters from the hide. For ambitious photographers / filmmakers there is an additional wooden deck where you can put up a portable tent hide to get an even better angle and closer range to the game.

When? What? For whom?
Season: March 15 to May 15. We will guide you to the hide. It is about 400 meters to walk from the road. You will arrive at 6 pm and normally be leaving late next morning in order not to disturb the birds playing. This is something for the common nature lover as well as the enthusiast who always dreamed of seeing a black grouse. And, of course, for the devotees and patient photographers / filmmakers.

The black grouse hut is located on a morass in Svartådalen, Bergslagen, Västmanland. The forest surrounding the mire is 750 km2 and only traversed by some small, winding dirt roads. The likelihood of human disturbance is insignificant and there is plenty of birds and wildlife.

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