Capercaillie in Svartådalen

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås Show map

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås

A magnificent experience at it's best - magically, hardship rich and difficult to pinpoint, but with our experience and portable tents coverts your chance.

Capercaillie in large forest Bergslagens
Sphagnum rustles a little under our feet as we walk over pour the soil with slow-grown pine trees and twisted snags. The afternoon is still warm and the forest is pretty quiet. It is a beautiful, half-open environment where human traces are almost completely lacking. When you pulled down the zipper of the tent hide and put you down to wait for the night, begins thrushes and robin's evening concert. It will not be long until stiff, flapping wing beats are heard over you, and the first capercaillie cocks are going in for landing. Now is the time to be still and quiet, for the country will dawn capercaillie cocks above you have the confidence of the place and want to come down and play right in front of you. Maybe you fall asleep to the Owl bead bouncing cries and wakes up to the sparrow owl monotonous flute. Then just sit up and gently focus the camera / binoculars on the crowing of stretched fantails, as they glide across the rocky ground and gurgles.

Capercaillie is the hardest part of Scandinavia bird game to see and photograph up close. The capercaillies are timid and more fickle in their choice of venue than black game. This together with a renowned sensitivity to weather disturbances, means that you need to have expectations at a realistic level when you venture out to experience the capercaillie games. It does not always succeed. It can sometimes take several tries before you get some pictures and we as organizers can only do the best to give visitors the best possible conditions. We have tried for three seasons before we started to market this.

To have a successful outcome, it is good to understand the capercaillie's behavior, so read on.
Capercaillie game - a special strategy
Capercaillie. The game does not consist of a stadium with gambling roosters as the black grouse. Instead, each rooster a favorite spot where he plays at the beginning of the season. But when the chickens arrive, they are deducted all at the same rooster (the best and most stylish) and then want the other males to be where it happens. Even those required when a large rooster venue and this is where the most intense game and grouse mating will take place. For this reason, we work with portable tents coverts that we are moving in the season if needed.

Top tips - you get a successful capercaillie session!
Arrive early to hide, preferably around 18:00. We will guide you. At noon. 20 begins the males arrive at the playing area. They put then in the trees above their venue, where they spend the night sleeping. In the early dawn, they begin to sing, and then they sail down and start playing on the ground (if the weather is good enough, and the coast is clear). Then you have to be in the right position, quiet and silent, with the camera on a tripod in front of him in the hide.

When? What? For who?
We operate with portable tents coverts the three playgrounds in Västmanland Bergslagen from the Black River Valley in the east to Grimsö the west.
To photograph the capercaillie is a real challenge, and perhaps most of the truly devout photographer or birdwatcher. But it is also one of the Nordic nature's most legendary bird games and a magical experience at it's best. More hardship demanding than orrspelet but an exciting adventure for all nature lovers.

· Season: April 1 to May 5
· Maximum 6 people at a time.
· This includes: Wilderness dinner, gudning to hide, breakfast, lunch incl. tea / coffee / sandwiches / fruit / buns.
· In the hide are inflatable mattress and warm sleeping bag with duvets (Note: must be used for hygienic reasons, but also provides better comfort and heat).
· Bring yourself:
Camera with tripod, binoculars, water bottle, warm clothes, boots (preferably waterproof).

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