Eagle Photography in Svartådalen

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås Show map

Address: Knutsgatan 5 B, 722 14 Västerås

In Birdsafari Swedens warm and comfortable photo hide, you have the opportunity to see and photograph Golden Eagles and White-tailed Eagles at close range.
Grab the chance...

Close encounters with Golden eagles and White-tailed eagles.

Just before the break of dawn on a winter day. A trace of light on the eastern sky. You are comfortable in the hide. The heat from the stove is spreading and the contours of the snow-covered pine trees on the bog become visible. The first ravens can be heard outside and you are ready. The camera is ready. The first eagle appears with heavy wing beats. It descends majestically on a snag just in front of the hide. It is only 20 meters away and you need to move the camera cautiously when you shoot your first photos in the soft light of dawn. This close you have never been to a Golden eagle!

At this bog in the Vastmanland forests, both Golden eagles and White-tailed eagles land, even several at the same time. The site offers excellent photo opportunities from a very close range. There are four rests (snags / pine trees) 20-30 meters from the hide. The eagles are fed with fish and game for the most natural shots possible.

The hide is insulated, has a kerosene stove and a long drop. Despite many sub-zero degrees outside, it may be 15-20 ° inside. You sit comfortably on sheepskin lined chairs. It also offers comfortable lounge chairs that fold out if you need to stretch out and rest. The logbook offers authentic information on previous sightings.

When? What? For whom?
Season: November to March. We will guide you to the hide. It is about 300 meters to walk off the road. We arrive before dawn (about an hour before sunrise) and normally leave at dusk in order not to disturb the birds. This is for the devoted and patient bird watcher or the serious photographer / filmmaker.

The eagle hut is located on a bog in Svartådalen, Bergslagen in Västmanland. The forest surrounding the bog is 750 km2 and is only accessible by small winding dirt roads. The chance of human disturbance is minute and there are plenty of birds and wildlife.

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