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Survival Challenge

Address: Auktsjaur 16, 933 91 Arvidsjaur Show map

Address: Auktsjaur 16, 933 91 Arvidsjaur

During this adventure, your survival skills under natural conditions will be put to the test. Under controlled conditions, you will be able to see if you have what it takes to survive in the wilderness and if you have the ability to make the right decisions under pressure and stressful circumstances.

You will experience a realistic scenario where you start at a point chosen by your instructor, with just a backpack and limited equipment.

One scenario could be that you are on a hike in the forest and you are lost, you will have to make a series of decisions. What time is it? Can you find your way out/home? What equipment do you have? Should you start moving towards what you think may be the way out, or should you stop and build an overnight protection? In short, how do you survive until help finds you or you eventually find your way out.

Another scenario could be to find a suitable site to set up camp and survive until help reaches you. Reason might be you have a wounded friend and he or she is unable to continue.

To make the scenario more realistic, you will not know the details or circumstances in advance and they will only be revealed to you at the starting point. At the starting point, you will only have access to Wilderness Life’s predetermined equipment and there you will be informed about the scenario and what the objective is.
These challenges appear throughout the year and in all seasons, which will leave you with both pros and cons, just like in real life. The various seasons will also demand different skills from you as a participant.

The instructor will be present throughout the challenges, but staying in the background. In some cases you will get by on your own, and at some point the instructor may ask critical questions that will really make you think. The instructor could also be forced to interrupt or overrule whatever plans or decisions you had in mind.
The challenges are executed under controlled conditions and we will never expose you to situations where your survival is actually at stake.

After you have signed up you will get a list of equipment that you need to bring. Part of the equipment will be provided by Wilderness Life.

We also offer extended courses in Bushcraft & Survival, accommodation and wilderness cabins, café, fishing and wilderness equipment shop, fishing, small game hunting, dog sledding, snowmobile safari and conferencing.

General rules
The course is conducted in English or Swedish by an experienced and certified instructor.
A group must consist of at least one participant over 18 years. Minimum age for participation is 15.
Participants under the age of 18 must either have a parent or a legal guardian present or their written permission.
Minimum 2 participants per booking.

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