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Hare hunt in Hamra

Address: Hamra Skolväg 6, 820 51 Hamra Show map

Address: Hamra Skolväg 6, 820 51 Hamra

Welcome to an area of ​​30 000 hectares with an ample stock of hare. You acquire your hunting license and hunt on your own with your dog or with a companion.

The area offers a diversified scenery of mountains, moors and forest. Dirt roads with little traffic run through the area which makes it very accessible.

Once you have released your dog, it does not take long before it is on to the scent and the dog's bark resounds like music through the forest. If you need accommodation, we have nice, fully furnished timber cottages for rent.

Upon arrival you are requested to present your national hunting license, gun license and proof of insurance. We will provide you with a map of the hunting area when you arrive.

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