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Fishing Grayling in Bergträsket

Address: Vistbacka 33, 942 91 Vistträsk Show map

Address: Vistbacka 33, 942 91 Vistträsk

One of the best grayling waters in Sweden! Graylings of more than 2 kgs are not unusual. Only fly fishing is allowed. Bergträsket is located in the nature reserve of Gaddaberget, an old and very beautiful forest area. Nice sites for tent camping are available. A fair chance of elk and bear encounters will certainly add some excitement to the experience.

Rent a cottage!
Our cozy cottage Olofselskojan, is located in Åkroken, about 10 km from Bergträsket. The cottage is right on the shores of Vistan. It is equipped with four beds, an iron stove and outhouse.. Vistan has a population of grayling, trout, perch and pike.

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