Fishing licenses in Toften, Testen and Teen

Address: Markavägen 24, 70595 Örebro Show map

Address: Markavägen 24, 70595 Örebro

Trolling for walleye in Toften or fishing with rod in Hasselfors lakes Testen and Teen rich in pike and perch, but also houses bream. You fish from either your own boat or if you choose to remain on the land and methane, cast with a spinning rod or fly fishing. During the winter you can go ice fishing or fishing with angeldon.

Toften has a good natural population of walleye, pike and perch. The lake is located between Laxå and Hasselfors and is approximately 2000 hectares, rich of small islands and with depths up to 19 meters. There are insertion ramps for boat between Svartå and Laxa, route 205, and in Hasselfors.

For angling applies:
Fishing with a fishing rod, spinning rod, fly rod, pumice Eldon and maximum two fishing rods may be used simultaneously. During the lakes freeze over time 10 angeldon and a roach per card.

Trolling apply:
Trolling with or without motor more than four baits per card.

The whole family fishes at the same card, the husband/wife and children under 15 years.

The fishing permit entitlement not to fishing for and effluents, no running water as the stream or river.

Fishing within 50 m from the stream or river is not allowed.

Fishing permit (confirmation) and identification must be carried while fishing and be produced at the request of water owner or his people or fish overseer.

Be careful about nature and water, Do not enter the islets and islands during the nesting season of April, May and June.

Violation of the above by the authority or fish overseer announced instructions, in addition to fishing and commercial forfeiture lead to prosecution.

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