Goose Hunting in Gåsriket

Address: Gåsriket Mötesplats: OK Tankstation Södra Vägen 1, 592 40 Vadstena Show map

Address: Gåsriket Mötesplats: OK Tankstation Södra Vägen 1, 592 40 Vadstena

Vättern is one of Sweden's largest bird lakes and famous for its large number of geese in the autumn. You will be hunting on your own, after being briefed by the hunt supervisors.

We dispose of more than 8 000 hectares of hunting ground by Tåkern/Vättern. You hunt in groups using decoys to attract the geese to their feeding sites in the morning and in the afternoon. We accompany you to the hunting grounds and get you started. Once instructed by the hunt supervisors, you hunt on your own. You are personally responsible for transporting your borrowed equipment and for returning it before departure. Feel free to bring your own retrieving dogs for the hunt.

During the hunt, the leader of the shoot will make sure you can change areas to get the most out of your stay with us. You are responsible for packing and moving the equipment if you choose to change grounds. During hunting season we may host several groups at the same time, but on these vast grounds you will never be disturbed by another.

We will never be able to guarantee a certain number of geese, as you will be hunting in their natural habitat and conditions. A lot depends on how well you manage to hide and attract the geese within a good range.

The price includes:
- Goose hunting during one day
- Instructions by the hunt supervisors
- Equipment: loan of decoys, blinds and Camo

Not included:
- Accommodation
- Transport
- Meals

Bag limit
Max 20 geese per person. The cost per exceeding goose is 200 SEK.

It is possible to hire a person to attract geese, at an additional cost.

Guide can be booked at SEK 300 per hour.

We can transport your equipment at an additional cost.

We provide a retriever at a cost of SEK 400 per day if you do not have your own dog. Tracking will be handled by the leader of the shoot.

The bag is for the shooter to take. All geese shot must be recovered by the participating shooters. However, recovery of ducks and geese (breasts and thighs) can be offered against an additional fee.

Cold storage rooms are available at no extra charge. Freezer is available for freezing before repatriation.

There are many different options for accommodation near the hunting area, ranging from self-catering cottage or camping to B&B’s and hotels. Prices vary from 350 SEK and up. We can assist with booking your accommodation.

For those interested, we can also offer additional hunts for wild boar and roe deer, etc., on land close to the goose hunting area.

Tåkern is located about 60 km west of Linköping and 80 km northeast of Jönköping.

General rules
You will be requested to present a valid firearms license and hunting insurance.

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