Put and Take fishing

Address: Linbanevägen 27, 610 14 Rejmyre Show map

Address: Linbanevägen 27, 610 14 Rejmyre

Östergötlands Sportfiskeguidning offers Put and Take fishing for Rainbow and Trout in the beautiful nature of northern Östergötland. Five lakes and a section of a river are designated for fly rod fishing only. Three other lakes and a river section are designated for spinning and angling.

We introduce fish at fortnight intervals throughout the ice-free part of the fishing season. Fish sizes vary from 0.8 - 3 kgs, occasionally bigger.

Put and Take fishing in scenic northern Östergötland with continuous immersion of Rainbow trout and Brown trout, ready to be caught. Several lakes and rivers are designated for fly fishing, bait fishing and spin fishing. Within the fishing area there is ample space to park caravans / motorhomes free of charge. Even tentsites are available.

The fly fisher must remember to downsize the flies when fishing gets difficult - small nymphs and streamers are always suited, but also try the dry fly.

For spin fishers and anglers it is important to be active! Find new spots and methods that can be rewarding - vary the fishing as the fish change their eating habits from day to day.

General rules
The maximum allowance per fishing license is three fish.

Day licenses are valid for 24 hours
Afternoon permits are valid Mondays to Thursdays 3 pm to 10 pm
Weekend licenses are valid from Friday 4 pm to Sunday 6 pm

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