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Experience the special hidden places amongst the archipelagos of Lake Vänern, by kayak paddling, sailing trips and comfortable accommodation in our two-masted motor yacht M/S Pärla. We eat and sleep on board and take daytrips with kayaks among 22, 000 islands.

Experience the special hidden places amongst the archipelagos of Lake Vänern, by kayak paddling, sailing trips and comfortable accommodation in your own cabin on our two-masted motor yacht M/S Pärla.
We eat and sleep on board and take daytrips with kayaks. Lake Vänern has 22,000 islands, numerous archipelagos and an exceptional number of sunshine hours.

We get an optimal experience of the most beautiful places by combining kayaking in the scenic shallow archipelagos, with safe and comfortable sailing over the sometimes unprotected waters of the Vänern inland sea. The tours start from Mariestad.

The archipelagos around Mariestad have many large nature reserves created to protect the rich natural assets. There are large undisturbed areas of wilderness with centuries-old pine trees where sea eagles and ospreys nest. If you are lucky, you may see a moose or a deer swim between the islands to graze. Brommö island has one of Sweden’s densest moose populations. Weather permitting, we will kayak one day in the exotic and scenic Djurö National Park located in the middle of Lake Vänern.

Programme 2017: (The boat can handle most weather, but in order to get good kayaking conditions the tour may sometimes need to be adjusted depending on the prevailing winds and waves)

Day 1:
Start 10.00 in Mariestad harbour.
Boat trip to Kalvö Nature Reserve which we often have to ourselves.
We explore the archipelago in Kalvö Nature Reserve from kayaks.
Spending the night in the Nature Reserve.

Day 2:
Boat trip to exotic Djurö National Park in the middle of Lake Vänern.
Kayaking trip in the scenic archipelago, looking for the sea eagles that we usually spot here.
Guided tour with stories of bygone days on Djurö.
Spending the night in the National Park.

Day 3:
We continue to the Lurö Archipelago Nature Reserve, which also lies well out in Lake Vänern, and kayak through the magnificent “island world”.
In the evening there will be a two course dinner at Lurö Inn which ends with a floating sauna and sunset view.

Day 4:
Boat trip to Kållandsö outside Lidköping.
Kayaking in the Kålland Archipelago Nature Reserve with its maze of small islands and islets.

Day 5:
In the morning we visit Läckö Castle for a guided tour and eat lunch at the Hvita Hjorten Restaurant in Naturum Vänerskärgården with local produce, some of which comes from the castle garden.
We sail away from Läckö to the islands in Brommö Nature Reserve. In open waters we can experience Lake Vänern as an inland sea.

Day 6:
Kayaking in Brommö Nature Reserve with its lovely sandy beaches.
Sailing back to Mariestad.
Arrive in Mariestad harbour about 18.00

Things to consider:
The tour is subject to the prevailing weather conditions. It is an advantage if you have kayaked before but not a requirement. We normally kayak for around 3-5 hours per day at a relaxed pace so you should able to cope if you are generally fit. With tandem kayaks it is possible to have an adult or a child with a little less ability in front, if the person behind can cope with a little more.
If you wish you can take a kayaking course at Vänern Outdoor before you take part in a multi-day trip.
Swimming ability of 200m is required.

Age limit: minimum 12 years
Number of participants: Minimum 4 participants, maximum 7 participants in cabins (otherwise maximum 8 participants)

Dates 2017:
23th – 28th July
21st – 26th August
3rd – 8th September

Included: Accommodation with sheets, fully equipped kayak, all meals, skipper/guide, two course dinner and sauna on Lurö, entrance and guided tour at Läckö Castle, lunch at Hvita Hjorten Restaurant, Wi-Fi (Except when mobile coverage is missing).

Transfer to and from Landvetter airport in Gothenburg can be booked (agreed with the supplier): Price: Maximum 4 people SEK 1,900/single journey. Maximum 8 people SEK 2,900/single journey.

Extra night (agreed with the supplier): One night’s accommodation before the start of the tour. Breakfast included. Minimum 2 people SEK 350/person
One night’s accommodation after the end of the tour. Minimum 2 people SEK 300/person

If to few participants the tour can be canceled.

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