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Målilla Moose park

Address: Kristineberg, 570 82 Målilla Date: Saturday 4 nov 2017 - Sunday 5 Nov 2017 Show map

Address: Kristineberg, 570 82 Målilla

The moose is called the King of the forrest. At Målilla Älgpark your can see them in a beautiful forrestenvironment and they love to have snack from your hand.

A grown up moose is about 2 meters tall and weighs 400kg! You can really experience how majestic and impressive the moose is close up at Målillamoose park!

Moose are friendly animals who love to play in the water and relax with each other. If you let them eat from your hand and pat them you will see just how friendly and loveable the king of the forest is.

Except for our three moose families we have goats, hens and rabbits in the park that you can pat and feed. There is also a barbecue, souvenir shop and plenty of space to play, walk and discover the surroundings - for the entire family!

The moose are feed daily at 11:00. In summer also at 15:00! The feedings are a great way to observe the moose close up.

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