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Address: Krokvägen 3, 98332 Malmberget Date: Thursday 22 jul 2021 - Friday 31 Dec 2021 Show map

Address: Krokvägen 3, 98332 Malmberget

In this vast wilderness area, you can fish for trout, brown trout, grayling, whitefish, perch and pike in one of the many ponds and streams. There are around 100 lakes and over 200 km of running water to choose from. In some ponds are trout up to 2-3 kg.


An approximately 135,955 hectares of small lakes and streams, hilly terrain with birch forest, old forest, cloudberries and low mountains. Some water is easily accessible to others are a bit more remote. The area is located about 10 km east of Gällivare or 120 km northwest of Överkalix.

We have simple cabins that all members have the opportunity to rent. The cabins contain 2-4 beds, wood-fired catering, outdoor toilet, woodshed, some also have a sauna. To reserve a cabin contact Malmbergets & Koskullskulles hunting and fishing management association at 0970-229 13 or Payment of already booked cabin made here on Inatur, move on to the book and select the date you booked the cottage.

Upon purchase, you get a booking confirmation, please print it as it applies to your license. Fishing license is always to be carried in fisheries and upon request, along with identification.

If you purchase the map of the Association's lands, waters and snowmobile trails as option sends Malmbergets & Koskullskulles hunting and fishing management association it out automatically to you via mail. Map in color with the scale 1: 100 000th

Included in the price
Fishing for the area. (Purchasing Card is not required membership card, however, you must purchase a membership card upon purchase of season tickets and if you book one of the cottages).

Young people under 16 pay youth fare.

Detailed information on our water and how you take you there in our Hunting & Fishing Guide, read more under External Links.

Fish stocks:
Abborrtjärn: rainbow trout, char, grayling, pike and perch. XY = 7,459,910.1713133
Kalssonstjärn: trout. XY = 7470957 1718622
H500: trout. XY = 7470458 1719346
Randolfstjärn: trout and whitefish. XY = 7469460 1719596
Knut Anders Tarn: char and trout. XY = 7468261 1717248
Water lily + Holmtjärn: char and trout. XY = 7468261 1717248
Great Lake: char and trout. XY = 7473172 1713133
Gentle Tarn: trout. XY = 7466289 1715325
Byxtjärn: trout and småsik. XY = 7467988 1713427
Kula Järvi: trout. XY = 7482999 1733707
Onkijärvi: grayling, perch and pike. XY = 7482700 1734256
Tarn (H400): char. XY = 7483872 1732908
Lauttalombolo: grayling. XY = 7480578 1731559
Lauttajärvi: grayling. XY = 7480803 1731909
Siikajärvi: whitefish. XY = 7483972 1734781
Imetjärvi: char. XY = 7464286 1719732
Sleddo: grayling and perch. XY = 7459198 1730185
Tjållmakas: trout. XY = 7461946 1724966
Kotajärvi: char. XY = 7459723 1733158
Nunajenjärvi: whitefish XY = 7459549 1733757
Kaarijärvi: trout. XY = 7461371 17

Coordinates to Malmbergets & Koskullskulles hunting and fishing management association expedition:
7461610 1709141 X Y

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