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Hotell Utter Inn

Address: Västeråsfjärden Amundsgrund, 72210 Västerås (show map)

Hotel | 301 metres north of Amundsgrund, in the archipelago. The hotel is a 25 square metre floating landing stage ideal for sunbathing and swimming, or possibly just a moment’s relaxation with a good book or why not a peaceful trip out in the hotel’s dinghy to one of the uninhabited islands close by.

The room above the water’s surface has kitchen equipment that includes hotplate, dinner service, 10-litre can of fresh water and cooler. The hotel is equipped with a porta-potti. As night falls it’s time to climb down 3 metres underwater to the bedroom with panoramic windows towards all four points of the compass.

There is no mains electricity in the hotel but there is gas-fired heating and electricity for lighting. Fishing is strictly forbidden at the hotel. Hotell Utter Inn is open April-October.

Address: Västeråsfjärden

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Boka med oss!

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  • • Säker betalning online
  • • Bredast utbud av naturupplevelser